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Kingdom Economy: Entrepreneurs, Enterprise & Industry

Dr. Powell & her A-Team of Business Owners, Enterprise Specialists & Industry Experts offers business leaders extensive onsite & online trainings, so they can be equipped in their role and to lead in the global expansion of their expertise. We have entered a New Frontier regarding commerce and consumer needs on the planet. The Global Village has quadrupled and magnified its touchpoints from nation to nation. A fresh understanding is required if we are going to have foresight and provide ingenuity to new and unfolding generations across the Human Family.

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Common Ground: Human Connections, Kingdom Diplomacy & Global Relations

The world is spinning on a tipping point of drastic change and colliding conflict. Dr. Powell is a cutting-edge communications trainer, who has her pulse on Kingdom Diplomacy & Global Relations as we cascade through the 2020’s. Many times, we simple do not know how to listen, engage and response across the myriad arenas of differences we share. So establishing ‘Common Ground’ is essential. Training & consulting services are provided with global gatekeepers, governmental officials, industry executives, and community liaisons, across the globe, to help them the dynamics of human connectivity and the tools of diverse bridge building. We are at a cross-road and every family, community and nation must arise and become reacquainted one to another.

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Unleashed to PowerSpeak: Kingdom Communications in a Digital Age

Dr. Yolanda Powell brings over 40 years in Apostolic leadership in Kingdom Ministry.
She offers Powerspeak programs to empower voices and unleash power for leaders in the Marketplace.

Public Speaker

Master Builders: Leadership Development in a New Frontier of Change

Dr. Yolanda Powell offers Embassy services across the globe by training leaders
in public speaking, diplomacy relations, team building, and community bridging.

My Signature Program

Propel I: The Accelerated PowerSpeaker Group Coaching Program

Propel is an exciting Communication Breakthrough Blueprint that is chock-full  on signature Talk design with all of the intricacies that go into crafting a and communicating a 'mega message' that has been formulating underneath the surface of your life- all these years! 

It is a 4 month training program in public speaking, business presentation, and communications marketing designed for entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, marketplace ministers, direct sales executives, industry influencers, and others around the globe interested in becoming dynamic on the platform ad in the public square with speaking power! 


Propel I: Accelerated  PowerSpeaker

The  Propel Adventure

Writing a Diary

Power Step #1

Pinpointing your Power-source

Examining significant Pain-points, Understanding Universal Connectors and Developing a signature Pitch with Personal Story

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Power Step #2

Crafting Your Content

Understanding the 7 seven components of a Signature Talk, Incorporating PowerWords, & Phrases and polishing the Power Opening and Power Close.

Bright Idea Bulb

Power Step #3

Delivering Your Distinctions

Defining your Ideal Audience, Mastering the Element of Resonance, and Offering your benefits, Products, and/or Services

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"Yolanda definitely carries an 'unusual' anointing."

 Apostle John Eckhart 

John Eckhardt Global - Chicago, IL

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