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Wisdom-Driven. Power-Based. Budget-Sensitive.

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The Kingdom Has Need of the Great Ideas You Carry!


Explore a wide range of elite coaching, mentoring, and consultation services at 1-1 MENTORING designed to cater effortlessly to your dynamic life, ministry, and/or marketplace needs. Our expert team, led primarily by Dr, Yolanda Powell, an Apostle to the Marketplace, veteran minister, and astute business trainer offers a reasonable pricing structure with top-notch value for your personal and professional investment. You'll come away invigorated as your exceptional apostolic (& pioneering) mind engages with others of like heart, soul, commitment, and vision. Wherever you are challenged, we are inspired with insight, innovation, and ingenuity!


With flexible scheduling options, including weekends, you can easily book your preferred service at your convenience. We guarantee that your 1-1 MENTORING session will be "Wisdom-Driven. Power-Based. Budget-Sensitive." So feel free to schedule and book via our electronic dashboard and spend one-on-one time with Dr. Powell or a best-suited expert mentor via Zoom (in person, if chosen). You may also email us directly at for split payment arrangements. See you soon! 

Ready to get started? Click "Learn More" to choose your scheduling need then select the "Book Now" button for a seamless coaching and mentoring experience.

The Valley of Decision
1-Hr Personal Coaching - $149

Women's History Discount ended 3/31 - Schedule Online or Onsite

The Hard Decisions

Have a 1-on-1 personal coaching call with Dr. Powell to discuss an urgent, upcoming, or unique need. She'll provide wise counsel and prayerful advice on your life, ministry, or business. This is a fast-paced 'Power Hour' that will strategically guide you in a precise direction to drastically lift the burdens of your heart!

The Valley of Decision
Ministry & Marketplace Intensive (3-Hrs | Half-Day VIP) - $447

Discount ended 3/31 for 3hrs Online or Onsite Plus Bonus Tools

The Exploratory Work

Experience a unique exploratory intensive to see where your repeat hardships and constant hindrances lie. Then onto replacement processes and result-driven goals to revive & refresh your vision and  "catapult" you into clearly designed strategies for your vital ministry and/or marketplace assignment. Let's gain momentum!

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The Valley of Decision
2-Hrs Ministry & Marketplace  - $298

Women's History Discount ended 3/31 - Schedule Online or Onsite

The Deeper Questions

Book a 2-hour session with 1-1 Mentoring to dig deeper into a life, ministry, or business quest that requires biblical, yet practical insight. We'll provide wise counsel and professional advice to strategically guide you in a clear pathway with easy-to-follow "next steps". It's time to gain fresh momentum!

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The Valley of Decision
Ministry & Marketplace Consultation (6-Hrs | Full-Day VIP) - $894

Discount ended 3/31 for 6 hrs Online or Onsite with Mega Bonuses

The Mastermind Vault

Embrace the ultimate 'mastermind' experience in  Kingdom coaching and mentoring with this wealth-building encounter, packed with high-level directives and laser-focused implementation tools to produce maximized INFLUENCE, INGENUITY, & INCOME. You’ll gain  Personal Mastery & a Mega Master Plan when your VIP DAY is done!  The Mastermind Vault indeed!

Dr. Yolanda Powell

An Apostle to the Marketplace, Kingdom Trainer & Global Leadership Strategist, Dr. Powell has been in ministry for over 40 years. During these four decades, she's served in various capacities from Gospel Radio Host, Public Relations Officer, and Communications Trainer to Senior Pastor, 7-Mountains Instructor, and International Speaker. Having traveled the world ministering on 4 continents and more than 20 nations, Dr. Powell has tremendous experience and tons of wisdom to impart! Today, she leads her own training and equipping agency, YPT, LLC, and serves as governing regent of W.A.I.L. Worldwide, Inc. - Women of Apostolic Intelligence & Legacy.


1-1 Mentoring was born out of countless hours of counseling and consulting women leaders around the globe on varied & complex needs, goals, and visions.  Dr. Powell's global collaborations and ongoing work for women & girls at W.A.I.L. Worldwide, Inc. and Heads of State Global are cutting-edge for Kingdom women across seven continents. Join the momentum!


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