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About Me

Kingdom Equipper, Marketplace Minister, Global Leadership Strategist, & 8th Mountain Consultant

Dr. Yolanda Powell is wholly committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and advancing His Kingdom on earth.
Her foundational experience in the gospel ministry for nearly 4 decades along with her communication savvy, wise diplomacy, governmental influence, and enterprising business skills a makes her a unique leader and master teacher in both spiritual revelation and practical application.
Dr. Powell is a true Master Builder who has trained and inspired the foundational success of emerging and established leaders across the globe. She carries an intense dedication to ‘groom & grow’ a new generation of Kingdom leaders who display bold integrity for biblical Truth & Light, and possess strong diplomatic protocols, articulate speech, and Christ-centered character. Dr. Powell is raising up an “Army of Voices’ in a New Frontier of Change! 
If you’ve ever experienced Dr. Yolanda Powell in the full release of her ingenious deliberation, teaching anointing and larger than life lectures or keynotes—then you know the enormity of her feminine elegance, apostolic authority and prophetic power. This Global Influencer & ‘Power Speaker’ has been inspiring audiences, equipping leaders, strategizing with nations and lifting new generations since her earliest days.
She has worked effectively with local schools and shared ‘Kingdom Principles’ with foreign countries; ministered in the bush of Africa, and spoken repeatedly at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.
Her gate of influence includes governmental managers in Washington, DC; empowering women in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, laying out pioneering strategies with struggling churches in Finland & Estonia, training business leaders in Top Down Domination, and advancing a new branding for Christ in the Marketplace of the 7 Mountains of Influence with an 8th Mountain Perspective.
Dr. Powell is, indeed a ‘Mover & Shaker’ - someone you need to know! Truly, her depth of wisdom & expertise stretches across 40 decades, and she’s just getting started! Book her to speak, train or consult with your ministry, organization or corporation today.

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